Everyone has their own love story. Will you share yours to help all Fragile X families with more awareness, appreciation, and support?

Here’s how:

  • Create and share a fundraiser at give.fragilex.org/lovefx. Select “Become a Fundraiser” and then “Join a Team” to select your local chapter if one is near you so that half of the funds stay locally.

  • Share a fundraiser on Facebook. You can create your own by selecting “Create Fundraiser” on the NFXF Facebook page or share your chapter leader’s fundraiser to keep half of the raised funds with your local NFXF Chapter.

  • Donate to a fundraiser at give.fragilex.org/lovefx.

  • Share your LoveFX story on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the #LoveFX hashtag to link them together. Every story helps to raise awareness of Fragile X.

Every dollar raised helps the National Fragile X Foundation support the community we love, raise the awareness we desire, make every day the best it can be, all while advancing the research for treatments and a cure we all hope for.

Thank you for sharing the love.

Copyright 2013 Heartland Fragile X Alliance.  No Animals were harmed in the making.

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